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some info ,, T. Campbell here amigo. so yeah i have been working on this self funded skateboarding movie for about 6 years now ,, mainly shot on a 16mm film — called Y.O.D. (Ye Olde Destruction) …. with a solid grip of shredders building and skating DIY action, some street stuff, pools, and some parks. The movie is really about capturing sessions at different spots. Its basically a driving movie, with 2 different crews driving these 2 old cars around skating and sometimes skating the cars. And in the end the both crews meet up skate, have a smash up derby and it’s over. Thankful to have French Fred, Jon Miner and Mike Manzoori helping me shoot the film as well. A few months ago we shot the smash up derby and got about 20 some people that are in the movie down in kernside in bakersfield for the finally. went down really well, stoked. Gonna try to finish filming by the end of may, try to have it finished editing by august. My plan is to make a small hardcover book with images from the film and a download code for the movie inside – pictures taken by Brian Gaberman, Arto Saari, Jai Tanju, French Fred, Anothony Acosta and myself. After the book comes out and sells thru a little bit, probably around november – december the film will be released for free on Um Yeah Arts vimeo page, so anyone that wants to see it can. The band “No Age” will be making an original soundtrack for the film. Its kind of crazy making a film on 16mm film today cost wise, we have shot about 50,000 16mm film. I have no direct sponsors for the film, i just didn’t want it to be a thing selling something, just a celebration of skateboarding. Skateboarding pretty much gave me everything in my life,,,especially creativity, determination and great times, just psyched to share it. And the fun of people sessioning, shredding and other stuff. 
anyway, i have been doing some fund raising by having a large group of friends from my artistic community lend their hands to the project, painting raw skateboard blanks that i have been auctioning off. here

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