Art Park Gallery 2010-14

The Art Park gallery operated at the Banskia Drive address from late 2010 to late 2014. We are currently looking for new gallery spaces in our hometown Byron Bay. Watch this space.

‘Kooka Snake Clown’ Rhys Lee

Opening reception: Thursday 24 April 2014 6pm – 9pm.



‘Destinations’ Mia Taninaka, Tom Milledge and Nick Chalmers

Opening reception: Friday 21 March 2014 6pm – 9pm.


‘Teenage Kitchen Rampage’ Peter Oxley

Opening reception: Saturday 15 March 2014 2pm – 4pm. Peter Oxley will attend the opening.

‘Residential Debris’ Thomas Campbell

Opening reception: Friday 25 October 2013 5pm – 8pm. Thomas Campbell will attend the opening.

‘Slide Your Brains Out’ Thomas Campbell

Opening reception:  Saturday 21 September 2013 4pm – 9pm. Thomas Campbell will attend the opening.


‘Gravity Hits’ Stefan Marx

Opening reception: Thursday 25 July 2013 6pm – 9pm. Stefan Marx will attend the opening.


‘New works on paper’ Tabitha McGregor

Opening reception — Thursday 24 April 2013 6pm – 9pm.


‘Double Dipper’ Jennifer Tyers

Opening reception — Thursday 14 March 2013 6pm – 9pm.


 ‘I’m Still Gone’ Ty Williams.

Opening reception — Thursday 20 December 6pm – 9pm.



‘Junk’ David McKay.

Opening reception: Friday 16 November 6pm – 9pm. Show runs till 30 November 2012



‘Found’ Serena Mitnik-Miller. Artist Residency Show

Opening reception: Friday 28 September 6pm – 9pm. Show runs till 26 October 2012


‘Stuck Up’ A retrospective — 30 years of Paul McNeil’s rock band poster art

Opening reception:  Thursday 26 July 6pm – 9pm


‘Egyboy’ Basta Book show

Opening reception: Friday 29 June 6pm – 9pm



‘Knee High’

Opening reception: Friday 8 June till Wednesday 27 June, 2012



The Paper Trail. Event launch and exhibition

Opening reception: Friday 25 May, 2012


Jeff Raglus – Pugnacious

Opening reception: Friday 11 May, 2012

Artist Residency Show. Andrew Gordon

Opening reception: March 2012


Beastman. Live grafitti spray

Opening reception: Friday 27 January 2012

Xmas group show at the Art Park Gallery

Opening reception: December 9, 2011.

Art Park Residency Show — Nathaniel Russell

The Art Park Gallery opened in September 2011 with a solo show by US artist Nathaniel Russell.

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