This is an archive of shows held at the first Art Park Gallery.

‘Kooka Snake Clown’ Rhys Lee

Opening reception: Thursday 24 April 2014 6pm – 9pm.



‘Destinations’ Mia Taninaka, Tom Milledge and Nick Chalmers

Opening reception: Friday 21 March 2014 6pm – 9pm.


‘Teenage Kitchen Rampage’ Peter Oxley

Opening reception: Saturday 15 March 2014 2pm – 4pm. Peter Oxley will attend the opening.

‘Residential Debris’ Thomas Campbell

Opening reception: Friday 25 October 2013 5pm – 8pm. Thomas Campbell will attend the opening.

‘Slide Your Brains Out’ Thomas Campbell

Opening reception:  Saturday 21 September 2013 4pm – 9pm. Thomas Campbell will attend the opening.


‘Gravity Hits’ Stefan Marx

Opening reception: Thursday 25 July 2013 6pm – 9pm. Stefan Marx will attend the opening.


‘New works on paper’ Tabitha McGregor

Opening reception — Thursday 24 April 2013 6pm – 9pm.


‘Double Dipper’ Jennifer Tyers

Opening reception — Thursday 14 March 2013 6pm – 9pm.


 ‘I’m Still Gone’ Ty Williams.

Opening reception — Thursday 20 December 6pm – 9pm.



‘Junk’ David McKay.

Opening reception: Friday 16 November 6pm – 9pm. Show runs till 30 November 2012



‘Found’ Serena Mitnik-Miller. Artist Residency Show

Opening reception: Friday 28 September 6pm – 9pm. Show runs till 26 October 2012


‘Stuck Up’ A retrospective — 30 years of Paul McNeil’s rock band poster art

Opening reception:  Thursday 26 July 6pm – 9pm


‘Egyboy’ Basta Book show

Opening reception: Friday 29 June 6pm – 9pm



‘Knee High’

Opening reception: Friday 8 June till Wednesday 27 June, 2012



The Paper Trail. Event launch and exhibition

Opening reception: Friday 25 May, 2012


Jeff Raglus – Pugnacious

Opening reception: Friday 11 May, 2012

Artist Residency Show. Andrew Gordon

Opening reception: March 2012


Beastman. Live grafitti spray

Opening reception: Friday 27 January 2012

Xmas group show at the Art Park Gallery

Opening reception: December 9, 2011.

Art Park Residency Show — Nathaniel Russell

The Art Park Gallery opened in September 2011 with a solo show by US artist Nathaniel Russell.

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